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07 January 2003

Back to Square One!

As i was sitting here, working on the top-down raglan, i suspected that it may be a bit small. my knitting is a little tight, even though i manage to stay pretty much on gauge, i'm afraid it will turn out too small. soooo, in order to avoid a too-small-disaster in the making, i'm frogging and moving up a size. oversized is better than snug. i guess that is a leftover hangup from my "larger" days when all i wore was oversized clothes. i've been transitioning to slimmer fit clothes, but am still self-conscious.

in october 1999 i weighed 196 lbs. and a size 18-20, i started working out january 2000, got pregnant, had baby in October and walked out of the hospital with very baggy clothes. my first shopping expedition was for some much-needed jeans that didn't fall off my ass. i nearly peed my pants in the dressing room when i tried on a size 10 pair of tommy hilfiger jeans and they fit! so in the years since i've been sort of phazing out the "baggy, shapeless" portion of my wardrobe, and adventuring into more form fitting clothes. still, some days....well baggy is "safer.


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