amethyst muse


29 September 2002

as you can see, i have many WIPs. Knitty is threatening to add more. Like the Anniversary Sweater, and and 3timeschic, especially since i happen to have skeins of homespun lying around. more. i've had enough "startitis", and I'm ready to start getting down to finishing stuff. Ok, well in order to do that, I must set aside the spring/summery stuff, and work on cool weather stuff. i live in Georgia, and conceivably, I can still wear the summery stuff, but winter is a-comin', and it usually comes unexpectedly and quickly (and thankfully doesn't stay long). i've been shopping on Ebay, and have puchased some really exciting yarn, that is in the big ole rubbermaid tub calling me. really, it is calling me! i will resist the call for as long as possible, and finish what i've started.


28 September 2002

It Rocks!