amethyst muse


26 August 2002

i could've sworn i posted since the 16th, but anyway....

i am unemployed. as of last tuesday. on the up side, i can knit. on the down side, i can't purchase ANYthing else. if you read about my buying something, feel free to FLAME!!! LOL

meanwhile, before i knew i would be unemployed and broke, i went on a mini-spree. One of my local LYS has a great bargain bin. 8 hanks of Glace for $40, 12 balls of Pronto for $40, 8 balls of Capri for $30. (prices are approximate...don't have my receipt in front of me). naturally, all that yarn purchasing certainly justified some pattern shopping as well. onward to another LYS, and I found four Berroco books on sale. Whoo Hoo!!

all this leaves me really broke, but with new projects, and time to work on them. it's all peace.


16 August 2002

blogger ate my last post, but i guess that is nothing new.

this weekend, I went to two new (to me) yarn stores, and my first stitch 'n bitch. what a knitting weekend!! i finished the back of my daughter's sweater, and started on a sleeve. saturday, I bought 4 hanks of Berroco Glace Colors in a camoflague colorway. And on Monday, I went back to the same store, and scored 10 hanks of KFI Rio. Here is what it looks like
So the search is on for a pattern. It is worsted weight. I'm looking for a simple t-shirt style top. Then, today at lunch, I went to yet another LYS, and scored the Gedifra Highlights 001 book, which has a pattern for a tank dress that I must make!

The dress on the left. I love it.
AND....most importantly...the kids are BACK IN SCHOOL!! All in all it was a very good week.


06 August 2002

ok, i've started a new project. this time for babygirl. the Kids Raglan Pullover from the smart yarns. i'm using pink and yellow cotton ease. my first time doing color changes, and not a half bad job, if i must say so myself.