amethyst muse


28 February 2002

started project #2. i love this charcoal gray color. i should have it finished in time for fall LOL my daughter asked me to make something for her. that shouldn't take too long, it is just a matter of deciding approximately what size she will be next winter. the boy-child is indifferent, as usual. i'd like to try socks, but that whole 4-needle thing has me a bit intimidated.


27 February 2002

i started knitting and crocheting again. actually i started crocheting several weeks ago, and quickly got bored. so i picked up knitting again. to that end, i joined a bunch of mailing lists, because i will admit, i am addicted to email. i have since unsubbed from most. i found some cool knitter's sites which have gotten me excited. see, i was one of those folks who believed that kntting = "old fogey" [no offense intended] it was really cool to find sites with "cool" chicks making "cool" stuff. currently i have one project underway (multicolor sleeveless turtleneck),which is half done, and about to start #2 (charcoal hoodie). yay for me!


20 February 2002

this is tha new jawn.