amethyst muse


02 December 2002

i'm about 1.5" into Sweet. this is definitely going to be a long-term project. hmmmm...started December 1st. let's try and keep track of just how long it takes to get the back done. LOL i think this sweater will get worn *next* fall! in any case, i'm starting to think about spring/summer items. i've pulled out Rowan 31, and am thinking that Petula will be nice. another long term project, but hey, spring is months away. i've also started a nice simple turtleneck from Hip to Knit. i'm using Katia Dolby, in a very cool varigated blue/purple. Dolby is a nylon/wool/acrylic blend, reminiscent of Velato (by Gedifra??). It is a nylon netting type ribbon, with a merino "core". very nice.


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