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15 November 2002

lots of possibilities
my WIM list is growing, but the WIP list remains stagnant. i want a couple of turtlenecks for THIS winter, and i'm starting to think of spring/summer items, since i am so dayum slow. visited my local hobby lobby and they seem to be changing their yarn lineup. sugar 'n cream looks like it's being phased out. so is LB chenille. and there is a much smaller selection of homespun, but now they've got LB glitterspun, polarspun, kool wool, fun fur. i like glitterspun. it looks/feels a lot like berroco metallica. so i'm thinking, there are a couple of berroco patterns that i would like to use this yarn to substitute, especially as it comes in RED. polarspun definitely feels like snowflake, (which i'm not fond of, maybe it *feels* better after washing). kool wool is very similar to pronto; (50% merino/50% acrylic). i'm going to use this (in black) for the skinny rib turtleneck from Hollywood Knits. if you don't have the book, it's the Velma sweater from the Scooby Doo movie. and i discovered a cotton yarn i've never seen before. it is called Sinfonia, made by Omega. it is sport weight mercerized cotton with a nice sheen to it. comes in nice sized 100g (218 yds) balls. the label doesn't give a row/stitch gauge, but suggests a US 4 needle. i bought 1 ball to play with, and see where this fits in with my knitting wishes. i'm thinking a rowan pattern, but am not sure yet.


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