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11 October 2002

got some new patterns. one is a cardigan for babygirl. she picked out the color--purple of course--in Intermezzo DK. it has a lace border around the bottom. first time doing lace for me (yikes!). i also had to buy a hank of Berroco Monet, because i've been eyeing it a while. i'm gonna make a swatch, and see what it wants to be.

am i the only "financially-challenged" person who doesn't buy the entire amount of yarn needed for a particlar project? i buy what i can when i can. of course, that leaves me in "dye-lot limbo", but i've been lucky so far. the stuff i've gotten off ebay is more than enough for a single garment, so no problems there.

oh!! i got my classic elite patterns...straight from the manufacturer. apparently someone from their company lurks on the knitlist. i made mention that i was looking for two particular patterns which none of my LYSs had. i got an email last week from Classic Elite last week stating that they would send them to me if I called their 800#. so i did. and they did. i received them today. now, whats cool about these patterns is that they are customizable. DK--Worsted--Heavy Worsted--Bulky yarns; short sleeves, no sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves; v-neck, round neck, turtleneck; fitted or straight fit.

also in the mail...i received "The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits". Nice book. Nice stuff. Basic, but cool. i like it.


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