amethyst muse


14 October 2002

1/2 sleeve left to go on the Katia cardi. then comes the dreaded sewing up; and even worse--the zipper. i'm not gonna freak out about it, just take my time, and be prepared to rip it out. went back to work on my daughter's raglan sweater. i'm halfway done with the front. funny....i thought i was doing a sleeve, and i started increasing, so i had to remember to decrease on the next row. it was only 1 stitch on each side, so it should be okay. in between knitting sessions, i am winding yarn into balls. yuk! what a tedious pain in the butt. i'm using a nostepinde, which makes it a little faster, but it's still a pain. i want a ball winder. (preferably automatic, if there is such a thing) anything to make winding yarn easier!


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