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26 August 2002

i could've sworn i posted since the 16th, but anyway....

i am unemployed. as of last tuesday. on the up side, i can knit. on the down side, i can't purchase ANYthing else. if you read about my buying something, feel free to FLAME!!! LOL

meanwhile, before i knew i would be unemployed and broke, i went on a mini-spree. One of my local LYS has a great bargain bin. 8 hanks of Glace for $40, 12 balls of Pronto for $40, 8 balls of Capri for $30. (prices are approximate...don't have my receipt in front of me). naturally, all that yarn purchasing certainly justified some pattern shopping as well. onward to another LYS, and I found four Berroco books on sale. Whoo Hoo!!

all this leaves me really broke, but with new projects, and time to work on them. it's all peace.


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