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16 August 2002

blogger ate my last post, but i guess that is nothing new.

this weekend, I went to two new (to me) yarn stores, and my first stitch 'n bitch. what a knitting weekend!! i finished the back of my daughter's sweater, and started on a sleeve. saturday, I bought 4 hanks of Berroco Glace Colors in a camoflague colorway. And on Monday, I went back to the same store, and scored 10 hanks of KFI Rio. Here is what it looks like
So the search is on for a pattern. It is worsted weight. I'm looking for a simple t-shirt style top. Then, today at lunch, I went to yet another LYS, and scored the Gedifra Highlights 001 book, which has a pattern for a tank dress that I must make!

The dress on the left. I love it.
AND....most importantly...the kids are BACK IN SCHOOL!! All in all it was a very good week.


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