amethyst muse


21 May 2002

a whole bunch of WIPs and no FOs yet. on my way to work this morning, i took mental stock of the WIPs in various bags around my apartment:

sleeveless turtleneck from Knit It
baby blankets from hell
hooded baby cardigan from Knit It
uCan2 shell in rainbow variegated cotton
summer funnel sleeveless top in red cotton

i will NOT start anything new until i at least finish one item off this list. really. and considering the baby blankets are due at the end of the month, i better get cracking.

oh! and yesterday my roomie locked his keys in the car. so his bright idea was to pry open the sunroof to unlock the door. and just what did he use, you may knitting needles!!!!!!! granted, they are cheapo aluminum ones, but still....the nerve!! needless to say, the sweater he wants has been pushed down the WIM list. LOL


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