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30 May 2002

My Personal Yarn
courtesy Theresa

"School days, school days, good ole..."

1. Where did you attend school as a child? (the first 6 years or so...) What do you remember about the building and the playground?
Elementary school: P.S. 219 in flushing, queens, ny
7 & 8th grade: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School in jamaica, queens, ny
H.S.: The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates, NY (yes, "the" was an *official* part of the name
College: C.W. Post College of Long Island University, Greenvale, NY
LIU Brooklyn
Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY

2. Do you remember your first day? your teacher's name? best friends? your favorite activity?
I don't quite remember my first day, but I do remember my kindergarten (& 1st grade) teacher. Forgot her name, but I do remember I kicked her in the stomach once because she picked me up. My 2nd grade teacher (Mrs. Butner) looked like Cher, and my 5th grade teacher (her husband, Mr. Butner) looked like a cross between Barry Manilow and Barry Gibb. And yes, his name was Barry. LOL

3. What sort of lunch box did you have? What was usually in it?
I was a school lunch kid. Now that I have my own kids, it is amazing how the school cafeteria still smells the same as I remember it.

4. Describe yourself as an elementary school student.
EVERY report card had the comment, "Debra is a brilliant student, BUT.....when she finishes her work, she disturbs the other students in class. Debra is constantly talking in class."


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