amethyst muse


10 May 2002

i really do not like the baby blanket i *promised* to make. not taht it is ugly or anything...i'm just not enjoying knitting it up. and i have to make two. i'm 40 rows into bonnie's UCan2 shell. the rainbow variegated cotton yarn i'm using is working up real funky. i've come to the conculsion that i am a much better knitter with smaller needles. hmmm...does this mean i will see socks in my future?? i don't my only attempt, i was pretty much motor skills-challenged when it came to handling dpns. LOL how do you guys do it without dropping one?

there's an SnB this sunday. but it is mothers day, so i am not sure if i will attend. on the other hand, it is Mother's Day, and i should do whatever i want.

Happy Mother's Day to all!!


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