amethyst muse


15 May 2002

i finished the back of the UCan2 shell. near the top, as i added a new ball of variegated yarn, the "randomness" of the colors changed. but it looks okay to me, so i'm not gonna rip it out and reknit. i was thinking it was awfully long, and with the cotton yarn that kinda droops, i'm a little worried that it would be saggy, but when i hoisted the shoulders up onto my shoulders, it seems as though the shell will be hip length, and certainly not fitted. i'm cool with that. with all the funky colors, this will be more of a hang out top that something dressy.

i wish i oculd afford more yarn. there are soooo many things i want to make!!!! and soooo many pattern books i want. i've been looking for the new Interweave Knits, but haven't found it yet. i'll have to carefully peruse the Vogue Knitting before i buy it; the men in my life are picky.


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