amethyst muse


31 May 2002

baby blankie is almost, but not quite finished. i am so through with this thing. can't wait to get back to my stuff. so many WIMs + so little time = many UFOs

but after this blankie is done, i have my weekend planned. i am hoping to finsih if not one, but both shells that are a bit past the midway point. they both work up fairly quick, so it is a possibility. i also plan on starting the drawstring sampler purse from i saw it on a fellow knitblogger's FO page, and got insanely jealous. i want one!! lol

and my newfound obsession...rowan....seeing my fellow knitbloggers do such awesome work with rowan yarns/patterns has inspired me. of course that will be a little ways off, as rowan is not exactly in my budget...but if all goes well with my job hunt, that won't be an issue much longer (*wink*)


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