amethyst muse


24 April 2002

i haven't been updating this blog, since there hasn't been much knitting to talk about. i'm still working on the felted tote for my daughter. i am on the first of two i-cord handles. i figure i should be done by the weekend. printed out some more patterns from berroco. has anyone had a problem with their patterns? i see quite a few things i'd like to make. when...i don't know. my next TWO projects will be to finish the dayum sleeveless turtleneck from Knit It. and i need to get more microspun to finish the baby sweater. i still have that lavender Zen lying around, as well as some tutti frutti colored Tahki Capri. I have in mind the racerback tank that is in the Very Easy Vogue Knitting Book. So, when I get paid, I will be making purchases specifically for the next project in mind, and possibly pick up a 2 Patons pattern books (#954 and 956).


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