amethyst muse


10 March 2002

still working on sleeveless turtleneck. i recounted my stitches on this last row i was working, simply because i'd thought i'd lost stitches along the way. same count--whew! i think had i f**ked it up, i probably would just throw it aside and continue with project #2.

i've been on knitu and the knitlist for a couple of weeks, primarily just lurking. don't have much to comment on either list, except for...."c'mon's just not that deep! I *have* seen The Urban Knitter, and very briefly skimmed through it. Not sure if I'll buy it or not. The local Waldenbooks is having a closing sale, and every book in the store is an additional 15% off, so that may be my impetus to purchase. again, we'll see how finances roll once the 15th gets here.


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