amethyst muse


26 March 2002

SOOO many WIMs...and choosing between them is sooo difficult. well for one, the socks are on the back, back burner...until i have some time to have someone site with me and get me started, at least. i need to find a baby project. i'm thinking of using microspun yarn by Lion Brand, since it comes in such really nice bright colors, and is quite affordable. My friend Tia is not one for the "typical" baby colors. Brite is her thang! And she had another I'm thinking bright blues, purples, greens. But she lives in Texas, so it definitely will *NOT* be a wool type garment or blanket. i will get back to my sleeveless turtleneck, once my frustrtation subsides a little bit. right now, i'm just not feelin' it. so, that leaves the hooded jacket thingie, and Zen ribbon yarn that i keep caressing in anticipation. Ummmm....did i mention that the entire hank got tangled up, and i'm in the process of de-tangling? Frustrating, but my own fault. :-(


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