amethyst muse


22 March 2002

DAMMIT!!!! i was all set to sew together the front and back of my sleeveless shell, but lo and behold...i screwed up big time. looks like i'm gonna hafta rip out the front and do it over. ARRGGGHHHH!!!! but i'm not doing it now....think i need to move onto something else for a minute, then come back to it. when i get home, gonna check to see what is in my (small) stash.

also tried to start on some socks...what a joke. i need a remedial course in sock-making. like one-on-one type of instruction

so now, i'll get back to the hooded sweater i started, and the baby blankie that i owe my friend in texas. her baby boy is 2 months old already...yikes!


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